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iCar – Apples Latest Rumours about a Driverless Car

Posted on February 27, 2015 at 9:35 am

It seems that many technology orientated organisations throughout the world have all tied onto the same idea, that is to provide a self driving (driverless) car that is able to fit into every day life of driving in and around the United Kingdom.

The latest rumour to surface is to do with the Apple and their ‘iCar’ project. February was really the month when everyone, especially on social media who went iCar crazy. This comes at no surprise as generally the organisation has a strong marketing presence and they always, most certainly play the game of being able to drive up interest and hype surrounding new projects.

The iCar specifically will focus on technologies which would ensure that they are able to be driven without using the controls of an ordinary car. This would, and could, solve many a issues on the current road network so the need for a driverless car is becoming ever more apparent.

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