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Engine Degradation – Typical Elements that effect an engines performance

Posted on March 19, 2015 at 3:37 pm

A Car engine suffers from several issues which include a lack of lubrication, poor maintenance and excess heating problems. General engine problems which can be commonly seen in a car are decreased compression, excessive consumption of oil, excess release of smoke, mixing of water with oil, decreased oil pressure, entrance of oil into air cleaner or radiator.

Most of the problems coming in engine can be prevented even by using the premium quality oils and lubricants. Changing them regularly after a regular period of time is suggested for the engines life span. Driving a car without having sufficient lubricant oil will certainly damage the engine with immediate breakdown. So regular checking of oil content is very necessary to keep the engine healthy.

The mechanics of car engine involves number of moving and rotating parts of engine that requires lubrication for their proper functioning. Lack of lubrication leads to huge carbon deposits which subsequently create barrier in engine functioning. However car engine gives warranty to rebuilt engine for at least one year.

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