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Professional Car Servicing – Keeping car expenditure low

Posted on April 22, 2015 at 3:10 pm

Car servicing is mandatory if your want to keep your car in excellent condition. Now if something is bothering you inside that your ignorance about your car will come in between making you get into unpredictable errors, you better not worry so much as there are varying online car maintenance and servicing tips going through which you can mend your car quite effortlessly and competently.

However professional servicing is required and that is too without spending much cost, but you can service your car at home with the help of simple online manuals. If you are checking your air filter, surprisingly no tool you require, as usually when you are checking your windshield you do not need any tool either. But when you are treating your spark plugs or oil filter or radiator flush, brake pads you require number of tools such as lug wrench, coolant, funnel, ratchet and many other things.

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How Tyres are Made

Posted on April 17, 2015 at 5:57 pm

Tyres are a key component of the vehicles we drive around and the lorries that ship our goods across the country every day. Having a good set of tyres on a vehicle can impact how well the car handles, how safe it is to drive and how responsive it will be to your control. But how does a set of tyres get manufactured before you purchase one at tyre fitters like Just Tyres? Here’s some help with demystifying the process.


Every tyre has a rubber base, steel cord, textiles and fibers. The tyre manufacturing process involves selecting and readying the rubber compound, mixing batches of the rubber compound, preparing the steel or fabric cords, calendering, preparing the bead component, extrusion, building and curing.


During the mixing, temperatures can go upto 170°C but the final phase is kept under 100°C on an average to prevent any burning. After the compound is made into ‘slap’ or sheets it can be subjected to assembly preparation, inner liner and steel/fabric belt cord calendering, tyre sidewall and extrusion (more…)

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