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4 Car Leasing Mistakes That You Should Never Make

Posted on May 14, 2015 at 10:11 pm

A vehicle leasing service is one of those services that you are probably going to need at some point in time. As important as it is there are some common mistakes that people make when procuring this services. It is these mistakes that make the service not to live up to their expectations, and they are also left unsatisfied. The following four mistakes are very common but as a shrewd person you should never make any of them when leasing a car

1. Prepaying too much

Most companies will require you to pay some money upfront before the vehicle can be leased to you. However, you should make sure not to pay too much money up front to avoid trouble in future. A good company will try to make the lease not only affordable to you but very comfortable to pay and so they will never ask you to pay a lot of money up front. There are many reasons why this is a big mistake, but the most obvious one becomes evident if the car breaks down or gets stolen after a few week or a couple of months. While the leasing company will receive full compensation from the insurance company, it is unlikely that you will get your money back. (more…)

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Car Servicing Options for Employed UK Workers

Posted on May 11, 2015 at 3:37 pm

Cars are the most expensive vehicle and are to be cared regularly. Having a regular check-up is very essential as this keeps the car working efficiently. Cars though maintained and checked personally, it is always a better option to get your car given for car servicing.


Car servicing is an easy method adopted to make sure the car is in good condition without any of your efforts. Car servicing is done under expert technicians who check every part of the car in details and find remedy for any faults. The qualified technicians can bring an added life to the car as it improves the car’s speed and working capacity over all.

Getting the car services gives the car a longer life, efficient working, longevity of major parts, low cost of repairs.

Areas concerned

The major areas for the car service are-

· Engine- clutch, break, accelerator

· Interiors

· Exteriors

· Lights

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