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When Does a Car Need an MOT?

Posted on September 26, 2018 at 8:41 pm

As a general rule, cars in the UK will need to pass an MOT when they reach 3 years old. This will be 3 years since the day they were registered, and the MOT certificate will need to be obtained on or before this date if you want to continue driving your care legally.

If your vehicle doesn’t pass its MOT, then it must have the MOT done again. You do need an MOT in order to drive your vehicle, so it is very important you get this. If your car needs to have some repairs, you will need to get these done, then have the MOT performed again. You can often have the repair work carried out at a garage of your choice, however, if the problem is a serious one, you will need to have it carried out at the garage where the MOT is performed. You may also have advisories, which are points to watch out for.

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