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Measuring Up Accurately for Bearings

Posted on December 31, 2020 at 5:08 pm

Measuring up for bearings is essential to make sure your bearings will be the right size. This is especially true if you are ordering them online and need to know that they will be the correct dimensions for your application, whether your industry is automobiles, machinery, production, or anything else at all.

To measure up for bearings such as turntable bearings, you’ll usually use vernier calipers. These will allow you to measure the inside and outside sections accurately, so you can pick the correct bearing measurements. From there, you can then choose the right size online. There should be measuring guides available for different bearings to help you make your selection – if there is not, it is usually worth contacting customer service so you can order the right bearing size. Ordering the wrong size could mean causing friction and the bearing not working properly, and could even cause serious damage and harm to both machinery and people.

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